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Girl, those lips are moving! It can be easy to forget that each part of our face requires unique moisturizing. Not only does Lip Volumizer offer moisture, it gives you the PERFECT pout to add to your beauty regimen.  This is a safer and a less "ouch" alternative to injectables. Lip Volume is a clear serum that will define and plump your lips. This amazing lip serum gently stimulates the lips – without burning or stinging like most lip enhancers – for a plumper, sexier pout!

Key Benefits:

Increases Lip Size

Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

Reduces Fine Lines

Hydrates and Moisturizes Lips

Works safely, painlessly and without irritation or numbness

Key Ingredients:

MaxiLips ™: Combination of ingredients that stimulate collagen production to increase lip size and volume

Sweet Almond Oil: Deeply moisturizes and renews skin

Shea Butter: Clinically shown to provide relief from dry skin, eczema, burns, rashes, dark spots, chapped lips, and wrinkles; provides natural protection against UV radiation

Peppermint Oil: High in menthol, which moisturizes and refreshes skin; provides cooling effect; nourishes dull skin, while also improving oily skin.

Vitamin A: Anti-oxidant, which reduces cellular stress and keeps skin youthful and healthy

Vitamin E: Works to prevent skin from UV radiation, pollution, and other elements that produce damaging free radicals; helps to deeply moisturize skin

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The effects of Lip Volume are noticeable immediately with semi-permanent results in as little as 30 days. Apply three times a day under your lipstick or simply on its own. Reapply throughout the day to maintain volume and let your lips speak volumes!


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