Advanced Hair Nutrition

Advanced Hair Nutrition

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  • NATURAL HAIR RESTORATION - This natural formula was created to help your hair recover from hair loss and restore your hair to its natural state before it started falling
  • ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS -  Advanced Hair Nutrition is packed with the essential vitamins and minerals your hair needs for proper growth and restoration
  • NUTRITION WITH A PURPOSE - The blend inside Pink Shave is specially formulated to bring your hair all the nutrients it needs and more. Not only that but these nutrients can also help prevent hair loss and restore your hair
  • LUSH HEALTHY HAIR - Everyone wants to have lush healthy hair that has a deep shine and overall healthy look. The good news is now that is easier than ever to work towards. With Pink Shave Advanced Nutrition, we allow you to take a lot of guessing out of what you should do to restore that hair, or maintain that shine.


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