Tips To Minimizing Your Pores

Being Italian is great. I get tan really easily and my mom never fails to show up to my house with car full of meatballs and fresh bread. Can’t complain. However, there are downsides. I basically have extra virgin olive oil running through my veins, (this is not scientifically-proven, but I assume all Italians do) and oil tends to cause giant pores. Even if the rest of my skin is clear, my nose sometimes tends to look like it’s filled with a million little craters. I’ve gone to great lengths to figure out how to minimize my pores. I’ve figured out a few ways that actually work pretty well, so I’ve decided to bestow my knowledge on everyone out there who has felt my pain.

Apparently, according to some experts, it’s actually impossible to shrink your pores. You can minimize them to make them appear smaller, but physically shrinking them is not possible. For a daily routine, it’s important to use a cleanser that’s right for your skin type. I like to wash my face at night with a gentle foaming face wash. During the winter when my skin is a little rougher, I use an exfoliating scrub about three times a week. In the mornings, I use a cleansing pad to remove dirt and oil then apply a gel moisturizer. Everyone’s skin is different, so find a cleanser and moisturizer that are right for your skin type.

Even with a steady daily routine, my pores are a little bigger than I’d like. The best way to keep pores looking small is to use products with charcoal or clay. They both absorb oil very well and help unclog congested pores. I use a clay mask about twice a week to help de-oil my skin, in addition to my daily routine. When blackheads occur, things can get messy. Although it’s tempting, avoid squeezing them out yourself. Pore strips are a great option to cleanse your pores quickly, but overusing them can make your pores worse in the long run. Use strips only when needed and never more than twice a week.

After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, you can use makeup to hide any extra problem areas. Try starting with a primer or tinted moisturizer that has an SPF. UV damage enlarges pores overtime, so using some type of SPF everyday can help protect your skin. These products also help smooth over any imperfections, so you’ll get a nice even look. Sometimes, I add an extra dab of a pore minimizing gel over my nose to get a poreless look. To avoid any extra shine and achieve a more matte look, I only use powder makeup products.

Having professional skincare every so often can also help improve the appearance of pores. Once every few months I try to schedule a facial to reset my skin and keep my pores fresh. Although facials can get expensive, they are worth it. You cannot change your genetics, but you can blame your parents for passing their oily skin on to you and force them pay for your facials. (Just kidding…kind of.) My mom’s meatballs do make up for the skin problems, so I guess I’ll stop complaining.

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