Should You Shave Your Belly Button?

For those of us cursed with dark body hair, the thought of shaving obscure areas of the body always comes to mind. Is it weird to shave my mustache? What about my neck? One of the most common areas of the body that I always struggle with is my stomach. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that hairy. But every once in a while I notice the dark hair by my belly button and wonder what to do about it. I’ve admittedly shaved it a few times when I was younger, but it seems to grow back rougher and darker. And as with any other part of the body, shaving carries the risks of razor burn and ingrown hairs.

However, it is possible to safely shave your stomach if you wish. Just like your legs or underarms, you should do this in the shower. Let warm water run over your body for a few minutes to soften up the skin. When you’re ready, lather up with shaving cream, and rub the hairs in the opposite direction of hair growth so they stand up and away from the skin. Always use a fresh razor with at least four blades. It’s also best if the razor has built-in moisturizers and comfort strips to protect your skin further. If you want to get a really close shave, shave against the grain, meaning in the opposite direction of hair growth. If you just want to trim it shorter without completely shaving all the hair off, shave with the grain, or in the same direction as the hair growth. This won’t give you as smooth of a feeling, but it will prevent dark stubble from coming back and looking thicker and feeling coarser than before.

Of course, if you are comfortable with your hair, you don’t have to do anything to it. Chances are, you notice it more than anyone else. If you don’t want to risk the appearance of darker and thicker hair, just leave it alone. If you do want to do something about your belly hair, but shaving isn’t appealing to you, there are other options, liking lightening the hair.

There are plenty of products out there to lighten your hair, but they often contain harsh, drying ingredients that can irritate the skin. To lighten your hair safely, you can try scrubbing it with sugar and lemon juice. Make the mixture at home with ingredients you probably already have. Mix three to four tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix well and gently scrub over your stomach hair in the shower. Try to let the mixture sit on your skin for a few minutes. Doing this about three times a week should result in noticeably lighter stomach hair.

No matter what method you take, always remember to moisturize daily. Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to keeping it nourished, soft and healthy. And don’t be pressured into beauty fads; if you like your body hair, keep it just the way it is!

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