Shaving Myths Revealed

When it comes to shaving there are many myths out there, which can seriously misinform you! The below myths are the biggest ones which have been misleading women for years, so lets get them debunked…

 Myth 1

Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker

One of the most common myths about shaving is that when you shave your hair grows back thicker and longer! This is a complete myth! Hair re-growth differs for each individual and depends on your genetics and hormones. Your underarm hair grows much faster than your leg hair so this may have lead people to believe that hair grows back faster. So don’t worry shave as much as you want because it wont make you suddenly sprout loads of new, thicker hair!

  Myth 2

New razors give you more cuts than old ones

 This is probably the craziest myth of them all! Purchasing a new razor or renewing the head on your current razor is the safest way to shave. Old razors are the ones to cause nicks and cuts because the blades can oxidize and become rusty which leaves them uneven and likely to nick your skin. Always shave with a good quality razor that hasn’t been left to rust.

  Myth 3

Shaving will make my holiday tan disappear

A very strange myth which some women actually believe; shaving will make your tan disappear. This couldn’t be further from the truth! If you shave correctly it can actually enhance your tan because it helps to exfoliate the top layer of skin meaning your skin will be smooth and free from dead skin cells.

 Myth 4

Press hard for a closer shave

Another myth is that the harder you press, the closer your shave will be. Pressing hard puts you at risk from getting cuts and nicks and can actually be quite dangerous! Use a light touch with the razor head flat against your skin; this is the best way to guarantee your close shave. If you are still left with stubble and stray hairs, it’s probably time to change your razor head.

 Myth 5

Shaving cream isn’t necessary

This one couldn’t be further from the truth and soap and water are really not great choices. Shaving cream softens the hair and hydrates the skin enabling you to have a close, effective and safe shave. Water and soap can dry out your skin and sometimes stick the hairs to your skin making it harder for them to be shaved off. Shave gel also makes it easy to see where you have shaved and where else you need to.

 Myth 6

Shaving every day is bad for the skin

If you shave properly and use a good shaving cream there is absolutely nothing wrong with shaving every day. In fact it can be great for your skin as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells leaving you with smooth, silky skin, see it as an exfoliating treatment that your legs will love.


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