How To Prevent Razor Burns, Nicks, And Cuts

Are you tired of getting nicks and cuts when you shave? Don’t abandon your shaving routine just yet because it probably just needs a little bit more refining.
With a few more intra-shave techniques and skin treatments you will end up with super smooth legs every single time. Perfect your having technique today and wave goodbye to those painful cuts and razor burns.

Getting rid of any excess, dead skin cells will provide you with a smoother canvas to shave. A smoother canvas means less bumps in the road so less damage to your skin in the form of cuts and nicks. Dry body brushing or exfoliating wipes are an excellent way to exfoliate your skin, you can also use a body scrub in the shower or bath before you embark upon shaving.

Make sure your environment is wet
One of the main mistakes people make when shaving is to shave their skin when it’s dry. If your skin is dry you are very susceptible to getting cuts and razor burns, which aren’t pleasant at all. To minimize the risk of cuts have a nice warm bath or shower when you intend to shave. The warm water will hydrate your skin and make the hairs soft and therefore easy to remove. If you can’t have a bath or shower the least you can do is dampen a cloth with some warm water and wipe your skin with it.

Choose the right razor
Using the same old razor that you have used time and time again isn’t a great idea. Warn out razors are extremely likely to give you cuts and razor burns and razors which have rusted are even more likely to remove chunks of skin. If you like to shave almost daily, you should renew your razor blades or heads every week or every two weeks. For a super smooth shave choose a razor with multiple blades which are made from stainless steel. A razor with an incorporated moisture strip will give you extra protection and will also mean your skin stays beautifully soft and pampered from the experience.

Adopt the right shaving technique
Not shaving correctly is a huge reason as to why people suffer so many nicks and cuts when shaving. Shaving should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, after all you are improving yourself. Start by applying a very generous layer of shaving cream or lotion on your skin before you start. When shaving your legs stroke the raiser up your legs against the direction of the hair growth rinsing the blade after every stroke, a smooth stroke will minimize your chances of cutting yourself by accident. After you have finished shaving, pat your skin dry don’t rub it dry as this can cause irritation and redness. Smooth a calming moisturizer or specific aftershave balm over your skin to sooth it and give you a silky soft feel.

Adopting the above steps will ensure your skin stays silky smooth and cut free!

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