How Often Should You Shave?

How often you should shave is quite a good question. There are lots of myths about shaving and everyone has a different opinion when it comes to shaving.
Once you begin shaving initially you may find that your legs may require a little bit of daily maintenance to keep them super smooth, but how often you need to shave your legs really depends on how quickly your hair grows back; you will find for instance that your armpit hair has a faster growth rate than your leg hair.

You can shave every day if you need to
If you have thick, coarse hair you may feel the need to shave every day, if this is you then don’t worry because shaving every day is perfectly fine and healthy for your skin. If you are using a good shaving gel and follow shaving with a post-shave balm or moisturizing cream then you can enjoy silky, smooth skin every single day.

Yes, you can shave on the day of your event
If you lead a busy life, you may find yourself in need of a quick shave on the day of your event. This is no problem because a fresh blade, some shave gel and after-shave lotion will mean that your skin stays smooth, silky and nick free! If you suffer from highly sensitive skin, then you may need to shave the day before but if you ensure you follow the correct shaving routine there’s nothing stopping you from doing it on the same day.

Your skin loves being shaved!
Shaving is actually your skins best friend! Providing you do the correct shaving prep etc. shaving can be very good for your skin. If you are prone to dry and flakey skin then shaving each day will help to soften it up, add some moisture and remove that top layer of dead skin.

You can shave as soon as stubble starts to appear
You can shave your hair as soon as regrowth starts to reappear. You don’t have to wait ages before your hair becomes long and very noticeable. A good quality razor that has been looked after properly will be able to shave close enough to get rid of any stubble and regrowth.

Make sure you have the correct tools
Shaving every day is completely fine if you use the correct tools. Always ensure that you have a clean, new razor to start with and a great quality shaving cream. After you have shaved it’s always a great idea to look after the skin with some soothing post-shave balm or moisturizer as sometimes-sensitive skin can become a little bit irritated.

We really hope that these tips have been useful for you! Who would have thought that there was so much involved with shaving and ensuring it goes successfully? But there is!

Following the above guidelines will make a huge difference and ensure that you aren’t left with any unwanted elements after shaving. Go forth and enjoy glowing, smooth skin!

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