Easy Hair Styles For Curly Hair

People with straight hair really don’t know how easy they have it. They can wake up, shower, and leave their houses without having to worry about their hair. I, on the other hand, would look like a character from the Lion King if I did the same thing. I wake up two hours earlier than my roommate just so I have enough time to style my curly hair into something presentable enough to leave the house. I’m getting older though, and I don’t want to look back on my twenties and think “I could have slept more.” I have made it my mission to find quicker and simpler hairstyles for my day-to-day that don’t require two less hours of sleep.

The first idea I had was a braid. Typically, I hate braids. My mom never gave me French braids when I was younger, so I always resented the girls who wore them. But once I learned how to do one, I became addicted. I start at the top of my head with the first layer parted into three different section. Start weaving the three sections as you would do with a normal braid, but as you begin to grab each section, continually add the lower layers into the braid, starting from the hairline the moving back. Keep the hair pulled tight and each section separated. When you get to the bottom, secure with a hair tie and you’re good to go. If I’m having a frizzy hair day, I’ll add a headband to cover the front of my hair.

If braids are too complicated for you, thank Kourtney Kardashian for bringing back the ballerina bun in 2011. For this hairstyle, simply brush your hair backwards and upwards until your have it all gathered on top of your head as if you’re about to do a ponytail. Hold the hair tight at the base with one hand, and twist the ends with your other hand until it is folded into a neat little knot. Secure with a hair tie (or two if necessary), and use some hair spray on the top and sides to control ‘fly-aways’. This is a sleek look that takes almost no time at all and complements any outfit.

Sometimes, wearing your hair in a ponytail, braid or bun is not ideal, especially if you have a long day and don’t want your scalp being pulled tight for eight hours. For a down-do, style your hair as soon as you get out of the shower. Brush it out and part it where you like it while it’s still wet. Then add mousse or styling gel. As you’re adding the product, squeeze the ends of your hair and scrunch them upwards towards your scalp. This will encourage your natural curls to take shape. When it’s styled to your liking, spray with extra hold hair spray to keep the look in tact all day long. During the winter, you may want to try doing this hairstyle a few hours before leaving the house so you won’t have venture into the cold with damp hair.

I timed myself each morning, and each of these three styles took no more than 10 minutes, and that’s only because I was perfecting them. As I get better, I foresee being able to cut the time in half to 5 minutes. Pretty soon I’ll be on the same sleep schedule as my straight-haired friends and 100% less cranky at work.

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