Don't Forget To Shave Your Toes!

I shave my legs every single time I shower, which is basically everyday. You would think that someone who shaves so frequently would be so diligent about removing every single little hair on the body. However, every so often, I will be lying in bed and realize that the hair on my toes is long enough to tie into a ponytail and maybe even a French braid. How is it that I never remember to shave my toes? They’re so small and the hair is so thin that I hardly pay attention to my toe hair until it is already too long. Many women even have trouble wearing socks and shoes without getting their toe hairs caught, but why does nobody talk about this epidemic?

Shaving your feet and toes is pretty much like shaving any other part of the body. Even though for most people toe hair is already pretty thin and soft, the skin and hair still needs to be softened before shaving to avoid skin irritation. Just like when you shave your legs, get in the shower and allow warm water to run over your feet for a few minutes. Lather your feet and toes with shaving cream, and make sure you are using a clean razor. If you shave your face, I would avoid using the same razor on your feet as bacteria can transfer. I like to use a razor with conditioning strips for extra protection and moisture.

The key when shaving your feet and toes is to be very, very gentle. Be even gentler than when you shave your bikini area or face. If you apply too much pressure and accidentally cut yourself, the bleeding will be excessive since there are so many veins in your feet. This is another reason why shaving cream is so important. Before you start shaving, curl your feet and toes to make the skin as taut as possible. This will make the experience more comfortable and is actually safer for your skin. Start with your feet, and then move on to your big toe, followed by the little toes. If you are wondering about which direction to shave, there is no definite answer on this. Shaving against the grain seems most natural, but it can be uncomfortable for some people and cause the hairs to grow back in an unpredictable pattern. Shaving with the grain won’t give you as close of a shave, but it will still get the job done.

If your problem is remembering to shave below your ankles, try lathering up your toes, feet, and legs all at once. This will help you remember to shave everywhere you see shaving cream. When the shaving cream is gone, you’ll know you hit all the spots. And if you do forget, don’t panic. Chances are, no one is really looking at your toes anyway. Everyone has forgotten to shave their toes at one point or another, so you will never be alone on this. And if someone does point out your hairy toes, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

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