Do You Make These Mistakes When Shaving?

I don’t really remember when or how I started shaving. I’m pretty sure I just picked up my mom’s razor one day and went to town. I had no real instruction or idea of what I was doing; I figured it was easy enough after watching all those Venus commercials throughout my childhood. Fifteen years later, I still didn’t really know what I was doing. As long as everything looked relatively hairless from a distance, I never cared too much. Because I never had any real guidance, I learned later than I should that everything I was doing was wrong.

Mistake #1- Shaving Too Soon
First off, I usually just hopped in the shower and started shaving right away so I could get it over with as quickly as possible. Shaving is time-consuming, and I have better things to do. Thankfully, I’ve learned to have patience. Just kidding. I still have none. However, I have learned to take five minutes of the time that I would normally spend lying in bed watching my friends’ intoxicated Snapchat stories from the night before, and instead dedicate those five extra minutes to shaving correctly. If you wait 5-10 minutes after getting in the shower to start shaving, the warm water will soak your skin and allow your pores to open up and your hairs to soften.

Mistake #2- Not Using Shaving Cream
In addition to having no patience, I am the laziest person I know. If I use shaving cream at all, it’s usually just some soap quickly rubbed over my skin, just so I can tell myself that I used “shaving cream.” I’ve now accepted the fact that I need to be a big girl and invest in the right products. Shaving cream keeps the skin moisturized and protected while shaving.

Mistake #3- Pressing Too Hard
I’m impatient, lazy, and may or may not have anger issues. I learned at an early age, shaving while angry is a terrible idea. I’ll never forget the time I was 11 years old, and my mom told me I couldn’t wear my denim mini skirt to the middle school dance. I was pissed. I went to shave my legs and used a little too much pressure on the blade. I ended up taking off a chunk of skin from my ankle and dealing with river of blood that poured out for almost an hour. That’s a mistake you only make once. Always use a fresh blade (not dully or rusty) and shaving cream, and you’ll never have to apply too much force. You will actually get a closer shave by gently gliding the razor over your skin.

Mistake #4- Not Moisturizing
I always kind of assumed that if I used some sort of shaving cream, it would be enough moisture to keep my skin soft for the day. Once again, I was wrong. Sure shaving cream helps moisturize and soften your skin during your shave, but it’s important to follow up with a hydrating lotion after you shave as well. You basically just took off the top layer of your skin, so show it some love with a daily moisturizer. Your skin will be soft, healthy, and better prepared for your next shave.

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