Best Ways To Remove Your Make Up

Make-up is a beautiful thing. It allows you to go from waking up looking like zombie to leaving your house looking like a Victoria’s Secret model. Most of my co-workers don’t even know what my real face looks like. If you’ve happened to see me without make-up, take that as a compliment. I trust you. Our relationship is real. We’re on another level.

The only problem I have with make-up is taking it off. You never realize how truly lazy you are until you are standing in front of your bathroom mirror before bedtime and contemplating how much effort it would take to just wash your face. You’ve already made it to the bathroom, but is it really worth it to get out the face wash and towel and start scrubbing? You’re just going to make a mess anyway, and it’s late; no one wants to splash themselves with water when they’re about to fall asleep.

My solution to this dilemma was make-up wipes. What a brilliant invention. No water. No mess. Minimal effort. It was great until I noticed my skin was breaking out faster than El Chapo from his jail cell. That’s the number one mistake people make when it comes to removing make-up. Wipes are not enough. Yes, they will remove your foundation, bronzer and blush, but they do not provide a deep clean and you’ll still need something stronger for your eyes. Using only a wipe will leave your pores clogged and leftover make-up will remain on your eye, which can cause an infection. Trust me, I’ve been there. Waking up with puffy pink eyelids is not cute.

When removing your make-up, remember that it’s a multi-step process. First, you’ll need to use a make-up wipe or other method to remove the foundations, concealers, bronzers, and blush, from your skin. Next, you’ll need another product to remove the make-up from your eyes. I have oily skin, so I like using an oil-free wipe for my face, then taking a cotton ball and using a liquid remover to clean off mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. However, oil is great at removing make-up so different products work for different skin types. Coconut oil works as a make-up remover and moisturizer so it is good alternative if wipes are too drying for you. Whatever remover you use for your eyes, it’s important to let it soak for a few seconds to really penetrate and break down the make-up, especially if you’re like me and wear enough eyeliner to resemble a raccoon.

After removing your make-up, follow-up with a cleanser. Use warm water and gently scrub in a circular motion. Rinse and gently pat dry with a towel. I know rubbing your face dry is so much quicker, but it will irritate and dry out your skin. Always follow up with a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type. If you have dry skin, use an emollient-rich cream. Serums, gels, and water-based moisturizers work best for oily skin, and for combination skin, a light lotion or serum will do. Your nighttime routine may take a little longer, but your face will look fresh and feel clean. And you can sleep a little easier knowing that you’re one step closer to looking like a Victoria’s Secret model.

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