Are You Using Too Much Shaving Cream ?

I’ll be honest. I was resistant to using shaving cream for so long. It was too inconvenient. I would buy a bottle and lather up every time I got in the shower, and just like that, the bottle was empty within a few days. Did I really have to go back to the store and buy a whole new bottle already? I’m too lazy for that, and plus, it became expensive. I’m not cheap, but I’d much rather spend my money on food, alcohol, and designer handbags than shaving cream. My only solution was to use less shaving cream each time I shaved. Was I using too much before? Is there a correct amount to use? Or am I really just cheap and lazy?

First of all, you always need shaving cream. Shaving without it will cause friction between the razor blades and your skin, which will result in razor burn, itch, ingrown hairs, dry skin, and all sorts of other uncomfortable things that your cringing at in your mind right now. The truth is you really don’t need a whole lot of shaving cream to get a good shave. As long as your skin and hairs have been wetted with warm water and you have a decent lubricant between your skin and the blades, you are in for a good shave.

The trick is to use the right type of shaving cream for your skin. If you have particularly dry skin, avoid any products with alcohol or fragrances, as these will dry out your skin more. I figured out that my problem was foaming gel. The product I was using was a gel that foamed when it came out of a pressurized bottle. This was causing me to use too much, since the foam expanded when it hit the air (kind of like hair mousse). This is a common type of shaving cream that is great because it creates instant lather on your skin and does not require much rubbing to build up a nice lubricant. This is quick, convenient and gets a decent shave, especially if you are in a rush. However, the performance of these types of shaving creams is lacking.

The foams can dry out easily, so if you like to take your time, the shaving cream can become dry and hardened on your skin, which can make shaving uncomfortable. Also, since you really don’t have to rub the cream around on your skin much to lather it, the hair follicles are less likely to stand up straight. When hairs are standing more upright, you get a closer shave.

Non-foaming shaving creams tend to work better when it comes to getting a closer shave. They require you to create some lather on your own by rubbing the cream against the grain of the hair, allowing hair follicles to stand up so the razor can glide over them more easily. Non-foaming shaving creams, although slightly more time-consuming, also prevent over-usage. Using too much shaving cream is not technically bad for your skin, but it is wasteful, and wasting shaving cream is annoying. You have better things to do than stand in line at the store buying shaving cream every two weeks. Use just enough shaving cream to cover the area you’re shaving. Save the time and the money from buying excessive amounts of shaving cream, and buy yourself that cheesy pizza on the way home from the bar next weekend instead. Pizza will bring you more joy than shaving cream.

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