Are Flip Flops Bad For Your Feet?

Summer is hands down my favorite season. And it’s not because I get to stop wearing pants in favor of sundresses and rompers. Every girl knows that figuring out what shoes to wear is the hardest part of putting together any outfit. When the weather gets warm enough for me to wear sandals, it becomes significantly easier for me to get dressed in the mornings. However, there are a few downsides to warmer weather. First, I have to shave my legs again after three months off. Also, I have to get pedicures on a regular basis. And it’s not even about having my nails painted; it’s about having the dry, cracked skin scrubbed off my heels and toes.

As much as I love wearing flip flops, my feet always get destroyed after a just a few wears. I have always known that flip flops make my feet look horrible, but I started to wonder if they actually were horrible for my poor little feet. After some research, it turns out that flip flops are in fact bad for your health.

Most podiatrists say that flip flops can cause several health issues including: blisters, bacterial infections, viral infections, bunions, poor arch support, poor posture, and athlete’s foot. In recent years, 13% of all shoe-related emergency room visits were due to injuries from flip-flops. One study from 2008 even found that people who wear flip flops can suffer permanent changes to their posture and the way that they walk. Although this all sounds intimidating, don’t run to your closet, and throw out all your flip flops just yet.

Flip flops are fine in moderation, just like having Chardonnay and a box of Oreos for dinner. There are some tips you can follow to make sure you aren’t destroying your body when wearing your favorite pair of flip flops. First of all, you shouldn’t drive in any shoes without a backup, especially flip flops. There’s a huge risk of flip flops slipping off and getting stuck under the gas pedal, so always make sure to travel with closed shoes if you drive. Before you buy flip flops, make sure they are the correct size for your feet. If they are too small, they will irritate your toes and cause blisters. Also, when your heels hang off the back, rocks and pebbles are more likely to scrape and irritate the skin. If flip flops are too big, it will be difficult to keep them on your feet while walking, which can cause muscle strains and bad posture.

When picking out a new pair, look for flip flops that are thicker in the middle part of the sole. These types of shoes will provide better arch support than a cheap, foam pair that is mostly flat. It may cost a little bit more money, but it will be worth it in the long run for your posture and comfort. Avoid walking long distances or doing any other rigorous activity in flip flops as well. Flip flops don’t have shock absorption so they place a lot of strain on your feet.

This all may be really devastating news if you love to live in flip flops, but there are alternatives. Ankle strap sandals are really trendy right now, and they tend to have a back that protects your heels and offers more foot support. Grab yourself a pair of those and hit the beach with style and good posture this summer!

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